Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Holiday Project: Books for Young Readers

Years ago our late partner, Ellen Lepper, began a holiday tradition that we are proud to continue: collecting children's books and donating them to a Washington organization that would put them to good use. We ask everyone who attends our holiday party to bring one or more children's books, new or used. They seem happy to cooperate. At times some of our friends and colleagues even ship books to us by mail, if they can't attend the party.

This year we were pleased to donate the books we collected (see photo) to Reading Partners, a wonderful organization that provides reading assistance to 160 schools in low-income communities in eight states and the District of Columbia. Volunteers go to local schools and meet once a week with young students who need help with reading - reading to them, mentoring, encouraging.

We're proud to be connected with Reading Partners, and to continue a program that meant so much to Ellen.

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