Monday, March 4, 2013

PCG at CERAWeek 2013

The first session of IHS CERAWeek 2013 began this afternoon and PCG has three professionals on site to support clients and engage in the weeklong energy debate.

CERAWeek is one of the most prestigious energy conferences in the world with five days of intense panels showcasing expertise across every facet of energy production. I plan on soaking in the knowledge and engaging in side conversations about issues ranging from price balancing in the worldwide natural gas market to the importance of tight oil to global supply.

These conversations inevitably lead others to ask me and my other colleagues what we do for a living. When we answer that we work at a public relations firm, others often have quizzical looks on their faces as if they are thinking, "How can PR people hang with us in these complex discussions?"

I don't think any of us at PCG started our careers thinking that we would want to know this much about energy, but now we are all a little obsessed. So, bring it on CERAWeek. Goodbye for now, I have to go debate volatility in U.S. gas prices and how that will affect power prices domestically. #CERAWeek #energynerd

Andy Hallmark
Potomac Communications Group

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