Monday, December 10, 2012

Going Pro in Social Media

A recent industry event, “Social Media in Sports and How its Changing the Game,” shared social media tips we can all use to go pro—even if it’s not in sports.

Panelists included specialists from the NFL Players Association, which happens to be PCG’s upstairs neighbor. 

Lessons from the pros:
  •              Establish a social media policy for your “players" 
    The major leagues have official social media policies. Social media guidelines are among the topics covered in rookie symposiums. Have a social media policy for your organization, and make it a topic of discussion.

  •              Keep it organic
         The best social media comes from the source. “Fans” can tell the difference between what is scripted and what comes directly from the players. This also applies to philanthropic efforts, which have a greater impact when the cause has personal importance.  

  •              Negativity is part of the conversation 
    Athletes are often advised to ignore negative comments on social media, as criticism frequently comes from users with little social media influence. “It doesn’t matter if they tweet it to their two followers,” by responding to it, you’re bringing the issue to light for all of your followers.

  •             If you don’t control your message, someone else will
    During the recent NFL lockout, social media was a game-changer. At first, the public largely viewed the lockout as a player-driven strike. Posting pictures and videos of players literally locked out of their facilities, the NFL Players Association was able to use the storytelling capabilities of social media to correct this misconception. Use the storytelling capabilities of social media to tell your story.