Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From Regional to National - and International

We’ve come a long way from our roots as a small regional public relations firm serving associations in Washington.

That thought leaped out at me as I looked over our current client list. Just among the dozen new clients for 2012, I realized that three are in Illinois, two in California, one in Colorado and one in Kentucky. And while four are trade associations and professional societies, three others are government agencies and five are corporations.

Our national – and even international – reach also comes through in our staff’s travel records. Over the past year our on-site work with clients has taken us to Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington State, Wyoming, all over the Mid-Atlantic Region, and even the Republic of Korea and the United Arab Emirates (with Austria on the horizon). And that doesn’t even approach the clients we are serving through Skype and other remote communications.

It makes us proud of the breadth and diversity of our practice. And it keeps our travel agent busy.


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