Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Congratulations to IEEE Spectrum

We were happy to see that the IEEE Spectrum just received the Thought-Leader Magazine of the Year Award from the American Society of Magazine Editors. Its category had a heavyweight group of finalists: The American Scholar, Aperture, The New Republic and Virginia Quarterly Review.

It truly is a thought-leader on a wide range of topics. The current issue examines the future of photography, the surprisingly strong revenues of the U.S. Post Office, the promise of “squishy” robots and the possibility of mind reading. And amazingly, not a mention of a Kardashian.
FYI, the other big winners of the night:
Magazine of the Year: Time
General Interest: Bloomberg Businessweek
Women’s Magazine: O, The Oprah Magazine
Lifestyle Magazine: House Beautiful
Special-Interest Magazine: Inc.
You’re in good company, Spectrum. Congratulations

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