Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Annual Review: New Clients, New Services

We just held our annual off-site meeting, and it was a great one. Everyone reported on the work we’re doing for about 30 active clients, scattered across the United States and in a couple of other countries. They include a half-dozen that are new in 2012, including such blue-chip associations and companies as the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program, National Ocean Industries Association and PPL Corporation.

The session is a snapshot of our practice and how we are evolving. It showed that we’re handling a wider range of subject matter than ever before, and a wider range of communications, marketing and public affairs activities. As just one example of our expanding services, check out this infographic we produced for the Solar Electric Power Association. Our clients are loving this relatively new way to present complex stories visually - we’ve created around 15 for different clients in the past few months.

Most of all, we had the chance to recognize the quality and creativity of our diverse work. How can I describe it objectively? Maybe in the words of our clients. We recently asked them to give us their views of our work. It was great to see that about 20 sent responses, which we reviewed at the meeting. They were uniformly . . . well, let me quote a few, to give you the idea:

“PCG’s communications counsel and tactical assistance are critical to our company’s strategic success.”
“PCG is thorough, proactive and all in all, pretty wonderful.”
“A pleasure to work with.”
“The hard work is always flawless. You make it seem as if we’re the only priority.”
“Your ability to quickly respond to emerging crises, provide strategic counsel for internal and external communications and facilitate top-flight training has given me peace of mind as a communications executive.”

It made me proud. End of commercial.

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