Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Google+: Why it’s Worth Your While

With Facebook as perhaps the most widely used social utility that lets us all stay connected with family, friends and those with whom we have shared interests, you might ask yourself “Where does Google+ fit in?” Well surprisingly enough, many people and organizations alike are drawn to the “Hangout” feature that enables group video chats. With “Circles,” you can push information to segmented groups. For trade associations, that’s especially handy if you only want to reach communications staff within member companies or your government relations contacts. And there’s the inevitable fact that Google is expanding integration of its other assets like YouTube, Google Maps and Google Places with Google+. [I never thought I’d write “Google” so many times in one sentence.] In any event, that’s just a small sample of some of the perks of using Google+.

It’s worth checking out. Click Z, a Mashable publishing partner, offers more reasons why Google+ is worth your while.

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