Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More and More, It's All About Social Media

So when people are hunched over their laptops, Ipads and smartphones, what are they really doing? Not reading online newspapers and magazines. A new report from Nielsen on the state of social media shows that more than ever, they’re focused on social networks and blogs. News and current events barely register:

Social networks and blogs 22.5%
Online games 9.8%
E-mail 7.6%
Portals 4.5%
Videos/movies 4.4%
Search 4.0%
Instant messaging 3.3%
Software manufacturers 3.2%
Classifieds/auctions 2.9%
Current events and news 2.6%

(All the rest, 35.1%, was labeled ‘Other,’ which includes sports, education, gambling, adult entertainment, etc.)

Other findings in the report:

• Nearly 40% access social media from mobile phones.
• The fastest growing demographic in using social media is the over-55 age group.
• We spend far more time on Facebook than any other website.
• Tumblr is coming on strong, nearly tripling its audience over the past year.

This report is a valuable snapshot, but the scene is changing fast. Check back.

- Potomac Communications Group

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