Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traditional Press Turning to Social Media

We all know that print and broadcast journalists are rapidly turning to social media – not just as a source of information, but also as a way to enhance their own “brand” and distribute their coverage beyond their normal outlet. Thanks to a new study, the 3rd Annual Survey of the Media in the Wired World, we now know just how fast this is happening.

The new study, by the Society of New Communications Research and Middleberg Communications, found that over 90% of the 200 journalists they interviewed said they had increased their reliance on social media over the past year. And what social media tools are they using? The full range:

Company websites 78%
Facebook 75%
Blogs 70%
Twitter 69%
Online video 54%
Wikipedia 53%
LinkedIn 31%
Citizen photos 10%

Other key findings:
• 69% use Smartphones to help with their reporting.
• 69% use Twitter in their reporting (up 21% from 2010).
• 66% believe that in the age of social media, “scoops” are more important than ever.
• 49% manage a work-related Twitter account.
• 39% have their own blogs.
• 31% contribute to social networking sites.
• 64% believe that Twitter helps journalists create their own personal brands.

Still – and this is important – the vast majority prefer to be contacted by traditional channels: 53% prefer receiving emails, and 34% prefer phone calls. What percentage prefers to be contacted via Twitter?

Try 1%. So there’s still a big role for the tried and true, at least as media input.
- Potomac Communications Group

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