Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vocus Meet-up

As PCG Project Coordinators, Sarah, Julie & I are very familiar with Vocus PR software, but rarely connect with Vocus staff beyond just asking for support. Last week, we had the opportunity to meet the pros of Vocus at their D.C. “MeetUp”.

Media management and research software like Vocus is a must for PCG to meet our clients’ nationwide earned-media placement needs. One day we are pitching television media in New York and the next it’s a local newspaper in Montana. In addition, the increasing need for comprehensive social media monitoring continues to make a deep investment in technology like this a must for forward leaning firms. From building media lists to compiling clip reports, many hours are dedicated to familiarizing ourselves with the software and learning how to maximize its capabilities to best meet the needs of our clients.

During the event, we had a chance to mingle with Vocus staff, including Cori Pearce (pictured with Julie and Sarah), a marketing manager at Vocus. Cori said the purpose of the happy hour was for Vocus clients and staff to connect, network, and ultimately build a stronger Vocus community.

This event actually was the first of many, as the Vocus team also is planning a happy hour for their Atlanta-based clients. They plan to make their way around the country in an effort to get to know their clients better.

As far as client representation at the event, we were surprised to find out that we were the only ones from a public relations company. The majority were from government organizations or foundations.

Regarding Vocus support questions, we had plenty in our back pocket, but decided to give the staff a break and enjoy the social atmosphere. Cheers to Vocus!

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  1. That's interesting that you were the only ones from a PR firm. Glad the event was fun!