Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To Us

I’m proud to note that this month marks the 30th anniversary of Potomac Communications Group. In January 1981 – the month Ronald Reagan was sworn in – my late partner Ellen Lepper and I hung out our shingle in two small rental offices, with two rented IBM Selectrics. We had come from energy trade associations, during the oil crises of the ‘70s, and our goal was to help clients involved with energy, technology and the environment communicate their messages more effectively to their target audiences.

Well, here we are 30 years later – still going strong, I’m happy to report. Over the years we have expanded our practice areas considerably, into science and engineering, construction and infrastructure, risk-related industries and the full range of associations and professional societies. And our client roster has been made up of major blue-chip corporations, associations and government offices throughout the United States and several other countries.

So when we pause to look back, it truly is a happy birthday.

In the coming months, from time to time we’ll offer some recollections and lessons we learned since 1981. But for now, let me just present some basic numbers, proudly, that provide a glimpse of Our First 30 Years:

Clients Served
Corporations and privately owned companies: 225
Associations, coalitions and professional societies: 132
Federal, state and local government agencies: 21
Education, science and research organizations: 32
Charities and cultural organizations: 10

Loyalty and Stability
Number of management changes: 1 (to our current structure of 5 Partners)
Number of clients in 1981 that are still our clients: 3
Average number of years every staffer has been with us: 9

Number of cups of coffee drunk here every day: 28, when Andy is out of town
Number of cups of coffee drunk here every day: 39, when Andy is here

- Potomac Communications Group

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  1. Even as a PCG-staffer, I didn't realize the average number of years for employees is 9. That is quite impressive. On the other side, Andy's dedication to consuming coffee is not surprising.