Monday, November 1, 2010

Working Globally Through a Single Office

One of the biggest challenges of an independent communications agency like ours, with staff in only one city, is finding a way to help our clients in other areas of the country, or even in other countries. We solved that problem years ago when we joined Pinnacle Worldwide, a network of quality firms that can form seamless teams to help clients with broad-ranging needs.

We have called on our Pinnacle partners to provide fast-turnaround help in several far-flung areas, from California to Northern Europe. And we have used our Washington expertise to help our partner firms in Iowa, Michigan and other cities around the country.

Pinnacle Worldwide recently broadened its reach by forming a strategic alliance with 27&More, a similar network headquartered in Europe. Now Pinnacle’s 50 offices around the world are supplemented by 27&More’s offices in 44 different countries. Combined, we now offer a geographic spread – and diversity of subject-matter expertise – that can rival the multinational agencies, but that still provides the customized services of independent boutique firms that have deep roots in their local communities.

We are proud to note that we have just expanded our role with Pinnacle Worldwide. At one of its regular meetings in New York last week, our Partner Leonard Greenberger was named to the group’s Executive Committee. In addition to representing our experience with communications in Washington, Leonard brings leadership to Pinnacle’s capabilities in energy and in serving trade associations and professional societies.

We are proud to be associated with Pinnacle, and proud that Leonard is on the leadership team.

- Potomac Communications Group

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