Thursday, September 30, 2010

If They Like You, Let Them Show It!

Twitter has always been an excellent tool for driving traffic to other online content. As a CNN report this week points out, Twitter is “meant to be a content referral network.” A hint for utilities and others only taking advantage of the customer service and relationship-building aspects of Twitter: don’t forget to tweet links that refer customers to other online news and information you’re putting out there.

Even though Twitter is the major player in this space, the same CNN Report suggests that the Facebook “Like” button is showing signs of becoming a serious competitor in the traffic-referral business. Some intriguing traffic stats from the piece:

Since the “Like” button came about, ABC News has reported a 190 percent increase in traffic; Gawker's traffic shot up by 200 percent; Sporting News said their site traffic was up by a shocking 500 percent; and said that Facebook has become their second-largest referral source.

Popular sites like are also reporting that user engagement is up since adding the “Like” button, saying pages per user are up 92 percent, time on site is up 85 percent, video views up 86 percent and overall visits have climbed 36 percent.

This is the season where severe storms batter the East Coast and many utilities shine in responding to outages, rolling trucks and sharing crews to keep vital power flowing to your customers. As you communicate about restoration with your customers don’t forget that many of your customers really like you. Let them show it by adding this easy to use Facebook button to your site today.

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  1. This is such a great tool! I've clicked on many stories, companies, etc. because of the "like" button.