Friday, June 18, 2010

Vocus Acquires HARO

At the launch of the Vocus Users Conference last week, Vocus president and CEO Rick Rudman announced that Vocus had acquired HARO (Help a Reporter Out). This announcement surprised many in attendance.

HARO started in 2008 under the direction of entrepreneur (and sky dive enthusiast) Peter Shankman (Twitter: @skydiver). The HARO system is quite simple. Reporters log into HARO and create a query about a source needed for their story. PR professionals sign up to get a daily digest of these queries (along with stories of Shankman’s hobbies like sky diving) delivered to their email inbox every day. If you know a source that could be helpful for a particular story then you can email the reporter to pitch your angle. The HARO system now includes more than 100,000 sources and almost 30,000 reporters.

HARO is not the only system like this nor is it the first. What makes HARO unique is that it is free – for reporters and PR professionals.

When Rudman announced last week that Vocus acquired HARO, people quickly began wondering how the system would change. For the past week Rudman and Shankman have said the same statement over and over and over: HARO WILL NOT CHANGE.

So far, they are right. Nothing has changed. HARO is still a good resource for reporters and PR professionals. As happy Vocus and HARO users, we look forward to see how these two companies will grow together in the future.

For more information about HARO or to sign up for daily queries click here:

And you can follow HARO on Twitter: @helpareporterout

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  1. A little slow on the draw here Kelly, but thanks for this post. It's good to see the key point - will not change - is resonating!