Thursday, March 11, 2010

Digital Advertising Tops Print for First Time

The great transition in media platforms is hitting a historic milestone this year: for the first time, more advertising dollars will be spent on digital media than on all print media combined.

According to Forbes, a new study about to be released reports that major advertisers plan to spend a total of $368 billion on ads this year – 32.5% on digital media and 30.3% on print.

Still, the report finds good news for the print world. Magazine ads are expected to rise by nearly 2%, to more than $9 billion. And the newest digital trend – mobile marketing, through iPhones and other handhelds – isn’t yet making a dent.

The report, due out on Monday, is the annual advertising and marketing study conducted by Outsell, a digital consulting firm. The lead researcher, Vice President Chuck Richard, says the results describe “a watershed moment.”

For all of us ink-stained wretches, it’s good to see that the print media aren’t taking this onslaught lying down. Here’s a video showing the magazine industry’s response. (But done digitally, I have to acknowledge.)

- Potomac Communications Group

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