Friday, January 15, 2010

Is the Nuclear Blogosphere Changing Corporate Communication?

As a PR professional promoting nuclear energy, I work hard to keep up with the latest industry news. This includes a daily review of nuclear blogs that are increasingly shaping coverage of the industry.

In the nuclear energy sector, four bloggers have paved the way:

Dan Yurman, Idaho Samizdat
Rod Adams, Atomic Insights
John Wheeler, This Week in Nuclear
Kirk Sorensen, Energy from Thorium

In his post, “Taking the Myths Out of the Debate on Nuclear Energy,” Dan Yurman writes about the relationship between traditional mainstream media and social media: they take different paths toward the same destination. Yurman says that blogging provides the opportunity to inform, engage and guide the conversation about nuclear energy.

In addition to bloggers like Yurman, I find blog aggregation services, such as Nuclear Street and The Energy Collective, to be very helpful as well. For news and commentary on the commercial nuclear energy industry, I turn to NEI Nuclear Notes.

A quick look at nuclear energy company AREVA further highlights how social media is changing the corporate approach to nuclear communication. The company’s “AREVA Blog” has been supporting a sustainable nuclear future since last May. AREVA now offers a monthly conference call to share news and upcoming details with bloggers. For example, today’s AREVA Blog call featured a Q&A with Finis Southworth, Chief Technology Officer for AREVA NP Inc., to discuss the latest research and development efforts for AREVA’s next-generation reactors and related technologies.

Blogs are remodeling the flow of information by taking the form of a conversation. If you join in, the conversation is happening with you. If you don’t, the conversation is happening without you.

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