Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Promoting Safe Happy Holidays

The holiday season. It’s a time for family, generosity and, apparently, hordes of multicolored decorative lights. I’m probably too young to be a bit of scrooge about holiday lights, but the fascination with elaborate house decorations is beyond my comprehension. Each night when I get home from the office and sit down on my bedside chair, I stare out at a holiday lights display that can surely be seen from space. Well, bah humbug. You laugh but I’m donning sunglasses.

While it’s easy to be lighthearted about holiday decorations, here at PCG we’ve have had holiday electrical safety on the mind. We’ve been helping the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and electrical experts from local Home Depots provide safety tips to TV audiences across the country. We have arranged appearances on more than 20 local TV stations and an interview with ESFI’s President, Brett Brenner on CBS’s Early Show.

Let’s be honest – everyone has a story to tell about holiday decorating gone wrong. It must be the excitement of the season, but people seem to disregard basic safety for the perfect decorative display. ESFI and Home Depot have provided some easy tips to keep us all safe. For example, use LED lights instead of incandescent lights. They are safer, resistant to shock, more energy efficient, allow more strings to be connected together and can last 50 times longer.

So, on behalf of PCG, please be safe this holiday season and remember electrical safety. For more great tips from ESFI, visit its holiday site, www.holidaysafety.org. Below, is Brett Brenner’s appearance on the Early Show.
- Potomac Communications Group

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