Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Will We Pitch When The Reporters Are Gone

(An Ode to Change)

Who will we pitch, when the newsroom is shuttered,

When the hardened old vets are replaced with blog clutter,

Will E-bay create a journalism site,

With a buy-it-now option, just for spite,

In this brave new world, aren’t we all reporters,

Should we pitch ourselves and demolish the borders,

There’s the Huffington, the Drudge, in which pundits opine,

Our story hasn’t landed and we’re running out of time,

It’s time for a pitch and a top-flight post,

We’ll Facebook, and Twitter until some lucky host,

Decides that his blog, needs our brand of chatter,

The content we send may make his site matter,

Success, oh how sweet, we go to our clients,

And proudly beam like PR Giants,

We landed a spot on a Technorati leader,

Please go viral to millions of readers,

As we celebrate in the waning  hours,

We wonder, has journalism turned sour,

I guess it’s the way of things, to change from old to new

Who will we pitch, you ask,

If you have a moment, it could be you.

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